A new roaster in town: KAFFEEMANUM from South Berlin

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Having started his business in December 2016, KAFFEEMANUM can rightfully be called a new player on the coffee roasting market. Volker Behrendt, the entrepreneur behind KAFFEEMANUM, has given us some time to ask him about his recent experience in the coffee market and the services he provides to brand himself.

Volker’s journey into the coffee roasting industry started four years ago, with the purchase of a Gene coffee roaster for private use. His enthusiasm grew, and as of December 2016 KAFFEEMANUM is a fact!
Roasting and selling

Volker follows a different path to mastery than many other roasters choose to follow. Rather than focussing on creating a lounge area or being creative with latte art, Volker chooses to focus mainly on the art of coffee roasting itself. His mission is to provide the best roasted beans of Southern Berlin. This is the area from which most of his clientele comes.

Volker’s main priority is providing high quality roasted coffee beans

Besides the beans themselves, he values the interaction with his clients. ‘What is going to be great are my seminars about coffee’. Volker wants to go beyond providing good quality coffee beans, he wishes to share his passion for coffee roasting with his clients. ‘In 2 hours I will explain where the coffee beans come from, how it is planted and I will roast at least one kilo of coffee. This will blow them away because most of the have never seen a coffee roaster in action!
We came into contact with Volker 2 years ago, when he wanted to purchase a bigger coffee roaster. He visited our factory and the purchase of a Giesen W15 coffee roaster was made. ‘I was really impressed about the depth of the production process; including the whole metalwork’.

Volker’s Giesen W15A

After a while Volker wishes to focus on Business to Business marketing. This makes sense, given his professional history in IT sales. We wish him the best of luck, and are of course very curious about his coffee roasting seminars!
What Volker’s story illustrates is that we are best able to help coffee roasters realize their dreams when we personally meet them at our factory or at trade fairs.

If you are in need of some assistance in finding the perfect coffee roaster, you are always welcome to visit us! If you want to, contact our Global manager of sales, Marc Weber via marc@giesencoffeeroasters.eu.

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