Spotlight: Giesen Lithuania Distributor

Get to know Darius, our Giesen Lithuania Distributor. He is the head roaster at Vero Coffee House. You can find him and his two Giesen roasters in Kaunas, Lithuania. We asked him some questions!

Name: Darius
Company name:Vero Coffee House
Giesen Coffee roaster type: W15A, W45A
Country:Kaunas, Lithuania

Giesen Lithuania Distributor – spotlight

Why did you decide to start your own business? I saw the possibility to have vertical integration as we were running coffee shops and it was a growing number. So we decided to have our own roasting facilities.

Highlights you experienced in your work: I understand that every day is a learning day. I always learn something new and I love it. Especially if it’s connected with coffee.

How do you become a successful roaster: By learning, by communicating with other people from the industry, and by making mistakes.

How many hours of roasting and studying does it take to become a roasting expert? I think nobody is an expert 🙂 as today, the world is changing so fast. To stay on the scene you must learn every day.

Sources you have learned a lot from when it comes to roasting coffee: I learned a lot from exhibitions, SCA events, and SCA training. Besides that, you can learn a lot from other people from the industry and roasting machine producers.

The best thing about coffee roasting: Exploring new tastes and aromas and discovering new coffees.

How do customers react when they see your coffee roaster? Impressed! You can compare it with the feeling when you go to the theatre and the moment when the curtains reveal the show.

Want to know more about Vero Coffee House? Take a look at their website:

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